Organic Nourishing olive oil hand cream 200mlCrème réparatrice biologique pour les mains 200ml

Organic Nourishing olive oil hand cream 200ml

Rich in organic olive oil, this restorative cream is ideal for keeping your hands soft all day long.

The shea butter it contains nourishes the dry and damaged skin, while the essential oils of lavender and camphor from China bring their calming and antiseptic properties, as well as a refreshing perfume.

The "Marius Fabre NATURE" products LineLa gamme "Marius Fabre NATURE"

The “Marius Fabre NATURE” products Line

The “Marius Fabre NATURE” products line is the Marseille soap in all its authenticity, in different forms: in cube, in liquid, in bar, in oval or in slice … Composed of 100% vegetable oils, it is made for over a century by the Marius Fabre soap factory, according to know-how passed down from generation to generation.

Black Soap, a 100% natural plant productLe savon noir, un produit 100% végétal

Black Soap, a 100% natural plant product

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The black soap is made with 100% of natural oils including olive oil and has been produced in Salon-de-Provence by Marius Fabre company for the past 110 years, following the traditional Marseille method,

The black soap is an environmentally friendly solution, a multi-purpose, non-polluting cleaning product for the house (floors and tiled surfaces, window glasses…), leather, laundry etc… but also is a natural shampoo for animals, pets, horses… It gently cleans and adds shine to their coat, and helps prevent allergies (eczema etc)

Black soap garden spraySavon noir "Spécial Jardin" - spray 500 ml

Black soap garden spray

Our “gardeners’ special” liquid black soap with olive oil is the natural ally for your plants. Ready-to-use, it is made according to the Marius Fabre patented formula for black soap and owes its natural colour to the olive oil it contains.

"Olivia" The organic cosmetic product line with olive oil"Olivia" la ligne cosmétique bio à l'huile d'olive

“Olivia” The organic cosmetic product line with olive oil

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“Olivia” is a natural and organic certified line of cosmetic products, with olive oil and essential oils all organic, paraben free, dye and synthetic fragrance free. All the products are also Ecocert certified.

Like all the Marius Fabre products, this line is characterized by its quality and authenticity, finely packed in their glass bottle.

Olivia Marius Fabre Certifié Bio Brochure

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The Virtues of LavenderLes vertus de la lavande

The Virtues of Lavender

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Lavender is known for its many virtues for our health: for an healthy skin against acne among other things, also for its soothing and healing properties. Flowers and lavender leaves are used for treatments since thousands of years, as far back as the time of the Pharaohs in Egypt.