“Les mille et un bains”

by Marius Fabre.

Marius Fabre has blended traditional know-how that made the brand famous for over a century now, and oriental refinement for the well-being of your body.
Let yourself be carried away into Arabian Nights through “Les mille et un bains” line…

Black soap with olive oil, for body - 200gBlack soap with olive oil, for body

The soft olive oil “1001 bains” black soap made by Marius Fabre is a natural emollient. When used with the 1001 bains Exfoliating glove (see below), it gets rid of dead skin cells and refines skin texture. It also prolongs a sun tan. Excellent after shaving or waxing, it will leave your skin velvety soft.

Contents: 200g
Reference: MILSN200

Dry body oil with Argan oil - 230mlDry body oil with Argan oil

The Marius Fabre 1001 bains Dry oil is excellent for the whole body: It maintains the elasticity of the skin and prevents drying and ageing by rejuvenating the hydro-lipid film on the surface of the epidermis; it repairs, nourishes and invigorates skin, hair and nails, and last but not least, it purifies and cleanses acne-prone skins. This dry oil leaves no greasy film on your skin. Use it daily all over your body.

Contents: 230ml
Reference: MILSHS

Shea butter (Beurre Douceur de Karité) 100 mlShea butter (Beurre Douceur de Karité)

The Tiare flower scented Shea butter is well known for its soothing, moisturizing and protection properties: – It protects the skin against the cold and the sun,
– Antiseptic and healing for irritated, chapped or cracked skin thanks to its vitamin A,
– Nourishes dry, brittle hair,
– Prevents stretch marks

Contents: 100g
Reference : MIL100KADK

Tablet soaps, Argan and Olive oils based – 150g

Ever since 1900, the Marius Fabre toilet soaps have been made exclusively from vegetable oils, with no added colour and no preservatives. This toilet soap made from olive oil, enriched with argan oil and shea butter, gently cleanses the skin. Used in the shower, it enhances your well-being with a touch of oriental delight.

Scent: Size: Reference:
Star arise
Green clay
150 g
150 g
150 g
150 g

Hammam Exfoliating gloveHammam Exfoliating glove
At the hammam or at home, the Hammam Exfoliating Glove used with Marius Fabre olive oil black soap 1001 bains (see above) removes dead skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Format : A delicate exfoliating glove under cellophane
Reference : MILGGCEL