Aleppo SoapSavon d'Alep

Aleppo Soap

The Aleppo soap Douceurs Du Midi is a 100% natural soap. Its main ingredient is Olive Oil and it also contains 20% of Laurel berry Oil.

Manufactured in the region of Aleppo in Syria with the traditional method, its ancestral composition gives our Aleppo soap hydrating, purifying and nourishing virtue for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

Aleppo Liquid SoapSavon liquide d'Alep

Aleppo Liquid Soap

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Marius Fabre Aleppo liquid soap is obtained from traditional saponification, by heating noble vegetable oils like olive oil, with its rich moisturising nutrients, and bay laurel oil, for its soothing properties.

Aleppo liquid soap is an extremely mild cleanser for the skin thanks to its natural glycerine.