“Herbier” by Marius Fabre

Honey, Verbena, Lavender, Jasmine… These typical fragrances of Provence are illustrated with botanical drawings, in the style of an herbarium. This Herbarium line combines vegetable bar soaps, liquid soaps and beauty care products.

Produits Herbier Marius Fabre Savon de Marseille

Available products of the “Herbier” line:


Did you know ?
The Marius Fabre “Herbier” range is a recollection of the natural goodness of pure vegetable soap with no added colouring, the speciality of the Marius Fabre Soap Factory since 1900. The main ingredient is vegetable oil, which gives our soap its natural colour. For instance, Marius Fabre lavender toilet soap is green because it is made from olive oil.

The reason why so many people have gone back to using Marseilles soap is that it is good for the skin and safe for the environment.

Eco-friendly and economical, Marius Fabre toilet soap has so much to offer:

  • It is biodegradable because it is made exclusively from vegetable oil,
  • It requires very little packaging,
  • It lasts a lot longer than a shower gel costing the same price (four times more showers)!
  • The Marius Fabre vegetable toilet soap quality charter :

    • 100 % vegetable oils
    • Animal fat-free
    • No colouring, no preservatives
    • Irreproachable quality thanks to 4 generations of family expertise
    • Biodegradable, safe for the environment
    • Recyclable packaging
    • Cruelty free – no testing on animals